Broughton Hall High School - One Heart, One Mind
On Monday May 9th 2016 it was a special day at Broughton Hall, we were really pleased to host a school reunion for seventeen of our Broughtonians who represent three generations of family, friendship and learning. The day began just before lunch time with an introduction to one another at the school chapel followed by a trip to our canteen for a school dinner. After dinner our Broughhtonians set off on a tour of our school accompanied by several of our current pupils, visiting new areas of the school that were built during the BSF rebuild in 2010, and some more familiar areas that remain part of the Broughton Hall legacy. We couldn't have picked a better day weather wise as we were also able to visit the lake that is normally off limits to our pupils, on this day an exception was happily made. The tour of the school continued around many of our class rooms and study areas before concluding the day with a lovely sing along to the school hymn in the chapel. We would like to thank our Broughtonians for attending and hope this day is something we can repeat in the future to show our admiration and appreciation of the legacy they have contributed towards at Broughton Hall, One Heart, One Mind.