Broughton Hall expects all students to have 100% Attendance. Good attendance will help give your child the best possible start in life. Good attendance is also important in building relationships and friendships in school.

By Law children of compulsory school age must receive suitable full time education. As a parent you are legally responsible for making sure that your child attends school on a regular basis. Missing school causes severe disruption to a child's education, and can affect their performance in exams and chances later on in life.
If, for any reason your child is absent due to illness, you MUST telephone the school to explain your daughter's absence and provide an estimation of when she will return. This must be followed up with a note from a parent or guardian upon her return to school. If your daughter does not return on the estimated date of return then this will passed to your daughters Year Team and they will call you to discuss this matter further. In cases of very low or poor attendance a medical note will be required from your GP.

All medical and dental appointments should be made out of school hours. Students with less than 95% attendance will not be eligible for school trips unless there have been exceptional circumstances.

Any pupil whose attendance falls below 94% will be referred to the Attendance Officer for strategies to be put in place to improve attendance.

The Government requires schools to measure attendance by 'Persistent Absenteeism', which is defined as the number of times your child is absent during the year.

A pupil who is persistently absent is one who misses 10% or more of their schooling for any reason, from the beginning of the school year to the end of any given half term period as indicated below. Please note that one session is equivalent to half a day.

Terms Persistent Absence at 10% Number of days off school
September - October   7 or more sessions 3.5 days
September - Christmas 14 or more sessions 7 days
September - February   20 or more sessions 10 days
September - Easter 25 or more sessions 12.5 days
September - May 31 or more sessions 15.5 days
PA (Persistent Absence) is a serious issue and if your daughter falls into this category she will be referred immediately to our School Attendance and Welfare Officer (depending on reasons behind absences).  This could result in Prosecution under Section 444 of the Children’s Act and /or a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued.  Fines resulting from Prosecution can be up to £2,500 and possibly even imprisonment.

Punctuality is also extremely important. We expect our students to arrive to school on time every day as being late to lessons WILL cause disruption to your child and to others.  Every student MUST be in their form class at 8.45am for registration every day. If your child is not in registration, a phone call will be made to the parent / guardian or a text message sent informing you of her absence. This contact will be made regardless of whether she is attending another appointment.

Holidays in term time are NOT permitted. The law gives NO entitlement to parents to take their child out of school for a holiday and those who do WILL be fined. 

Below is some information about how attendance is categorised:-
At 97% a child would be missing a week of school across the whole school year. This would be 25 hours of learning!

At 90% a child would be missing a day of school every 2 weeks and a whole year during their school career.

As from September 2015, at 90% a child becomes known as a persistent absentee.  This will result in the school involving the Welfare and Attendance Officer (Mrs Alison Greenhouse) for support.

Below 90% this is a serious concern.  It is likely to result in a child being referred to the Local Authority for prosecution against the parents.

Help your child to develop a routine

Look at your child’s planner regularly to see what they have on in school each day.

Don’t give in to your child when complaining of feeling unwell unless there are physical signs of illness.

Reward your child for good attendance. We will also support you in doing this by rewarding for good attendance in school.

Help your child to be successful at school, ensure homework is done and encourage them to be the best that they can be.
Illness (with obvious physical reasons, otherwise your child must be sent into school)

Emergency Dental/Medical appointment (routine appointments MUST be avoided during school day).

Family bereavement (Family member must inform the school on the day of bereavement)
PA (Persistent Absence) means that your child falls into this category if she has missed 15% or more of school time. This is a serious issue and will be referred immediately to our School Attendance and Welfare Officer (depending on reasons behind absences). This could result in Prosecution under Section 444 of the Children’s Act and /or a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued. Fines resulting from Prosecution can be up to £2,500 and possibly even imprisonment.

Morning Registration - 8.45am (all students MUST be in school for 8.40am to ensure that they have enough time to get to registration on time).

Period 1 - 9.05 Period 1 - 9.05
Period 2 - 10.05 Period 2 - 10.05
Period 3 - 11.20 Period 3 - 11.20
Lunch KS3 - 12.20 Period 4 - 12.20
Period 4 - 1.15 Lunch KS4 - 1.15
Period 5 - 2.10 Period 5 - 2.10
End of Day - 3.10 End of Day - 3.10
We can help support you in getting your child to achieve their target of 100%. If you are having trouble getting your child into school, you can call the school and speak to Alison Greenhouse (Welfare and Attendance Officer). She will work with students and their families to ensure that each student attends regularly and punctually.

We feel that it is important to reward our students for good attendance and we will reward good and / or improved attendance.

Please contact Alison Greenhouse (Welfare and Attendance Officer) on 0151 541 9440 for any further information regarding Attendance and Punctuality.