Broughton Hall High School - One Heart, One Mind
Broughton Cup 2019
Pupils of Broughton Hall participated in an inter-form competition, 'the broughton cup'. Years 7 and 8 competed against other forms in their year group. Pupils had the opportunity to choose between one of the following sports, dance, OAA (problem solving) or dodgeball. Each form had a captain, their responsibility was to fulfil a variety of jobs such as, organising team sheets, assisting their form teacher and nominating two peers in their form to win a prize for their efforts.

On the day, Keystage 4 sport and coaching principle pupils were given the opportunity to coach, develop communication skills, develop confidence, develop leadership skills, umpire and help with the organisation of the day. Each pupil had a particular role and each one of them fulfilled a coaching or umpiring role to their full potential. They did themselves proud, well done girls!

The day consisted of a 'rave in fit' warm up which supported the charity we fundraised for, radio city's cash for kids. Pupils made a generous contribution donating money for 'Cash for Kids'. We were lucky enough to have radio city joining us on the day as well as their lucky mascot courage the cat who entertained pupils during break time with more physical activities and lots of fun! The competition finished with a presentation, this consisted of the winning form receiving a prize and the title of being the Broughton cup champions!

The broughton cup made history, it was a successful day and it was enjoyed by many. All pupils were in good spirits creating a fun and positive atmosphere. Pupils supported each other's efforts, competitiveness and all form groups had the determination to win!

The winning year 7 form: 7TFI
The winning year 8 form: 8SFL

Such an amazing achievement, both forms will be engraved on the broughton cup shield. Well done girls!

The following pictures below illustrate the enjoyment of staff and pupils throughout the day: