diversity week

As part of Broughton Hall’s commitment to ensure our school environment is a place where every child can realise their potential, we are taking part in School Diversity Week 2017 to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT+) equality in education and to consolidate the teaching and learning that goes on throughout the year as part of our PSHE and Collective Worship programmes.  We also work closely with Armistead a Liverpool based LGBT organisation who deliver workshops to Y10 students.  Assemblies examining LGBT issues will be delivered throughout the week.

Growing up remains unacceptably tough for LGBT+ young people: 40% contemplate suicide, 50% self harm and 96% still hear homophobic remarks. This has a potentially life-long impact on young people’s attainment and wellbeing. Alongside our anti-bullying and safeguarding policies, taking part in School Diversity Week is an important way of actively supporting LGBT+ young people in our school, and of demonstrating our commitment to an inclusive school environment where every young person can be themselves and thrive. It is a chance to explain to all our students the importance of diversity in the world we are preparing them for.

Under the Equality Act 2010 we have a legal obligation to promote understanding about LGBT+ equality and challenge prejudice.

school diversity week