Broughton Hall High School - One Heart, One Mind

Congratulations to all of our year 11 pupils receiving their GCSE results this morning. This year we have seen some outstanding personal achievements and celebrated excellent results in many subjects . We are looking forward to welcoming a lot of you back to our sixth form, and wish you all every success in your future studies.

Particular students celebrating outstanding achievements include:
Chante Price , 1XA* 1X9 2X8 5X7 1X6

Caitlin Andrews,   2X9 2X8 2X7 2X6 2X5
Alex Dunn,  1X9 3X8 2X7 3X6 1X5
Lauren Burke, 2X9 2X8 1X7 3X6 2X5

Eleanor Owens, 4X8 4X7 1X6
Rianna  Hopkins, 2XA* 1X8 4X7 2X6
Amelia King, 2X9 2X8 1X7 3X6 1X5
Jasmine Hinxman, 4X8 2X7 3X6
Holly McDonald, 2X8 5X7 1XA 1X5
Abbie Tedford, 2X8 5X7 2X6