A-level Government and Politics enables students to develop a wide range of skills including:

To develop the ability to comprehend, rationalise and interpret political information

To analyse and evaluate political knowledge

To select relevant material and construct and communicate arguments clearly and coherently using appropriate political vocabulary

To become independent thinkers

Most importantly to enjoy the course

The Government and Politics Department is accommodated in S3 in the Sixth Form area. .Students are all provided with up to date textbooks, the Political Review Magazine and Politics Companions compiled by examiners and experts in the field, newspaper articles, revision books and resources on the School's Moodle, including links to a range of relevant political websites.

Students follow the AQA A Level syllabus in five lessons per week. At AS, the specification concentrates on people, politics and participation as well as governing modern Britain. At A2, students study US politics and government.
Visits to London, including Parliament
Liverpool Schools' Parliament
Work experience with local MPs
Visiting politicians, including MPs and Councillors.
EU Youth Parliament local, regional and national competitions.
Question Time with a panel consisting of politicians.
Revision sessions
Revision Course in Manchester provided by examiners
A-level Government and Politics is a good choice for students considering a career in the professions, or those who simply want to understand how the world works. Many students who have taken the A-level in Government and Politics go on to study Politics at university. From there you might become a researcher, join local or national government or even start on the path to become a future Prime Minister! But there are other job options too. If you fancy a career in Journalism or the Media, this course is very useful. Students also go on to become teachers or work in the legal profession.
For more information please contact Mrs Bennett on 0151 541 9440.