Year 10 students will be engaged in their annual Health Day on Wednesday 5th April. They will engage will activities delivered by external partner agencies which will develop their knowledge and understanding of Relationships and Sex Education.  Bambi will deliver workshops on breastfeeding. Armistead will deliver sessions on LGBT issues. And Brook Bitesize will deliver a series of workshops which explore issues around healthy and safe relationships, substance misuse and emotional health and well being.

Previous years have thoroughly enjoyed this event.
"I really enjoyed our health day.  It was really useful having experts giving us the information."

"They gave really good advice on drugs  and alcohol and  how they can affect your health and safety."

"I learnt that people are allowed to have their own opinions and how to make decisions."

"I learnt what makes a healthy relationship."

"I am unique, valuable and special.  A relationship is supposed to be a worthy one."