Broughton Hall has launched a new award for linguists called "Languages Leaders", first pioneered by Rachel Hawkes. This innovative award aims to develop generic leadership skills in the context of teaching a foreign language. All 20 participants will learn how to plan, prepare and lead language learning activities for Y6 pupils in St Paul's Primary School. They will build up a repertoire of teaching strategies and activities in Spanish as well as their cultural knowledge of the Hispanic World.
The Language Leader Award develops student leadership skills and linguistic skills. Learners of all abilities gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction and confidence from sharing what they know with others. It is also known that we retain the knowledge that we teach actively to others far more effectively than that which we take on board in a more passive way.
Here is a summary of the principal gains of the Language Leader Award programme:

rewards their language learning
gives them a purpose and context for their language skills
develops their generic communication and leadership skills
gives them a better understanding of themselves as learners
gives a better understanding of the role of the teacher
enhances their self-esteem and confidence
improves their evaluative and analytical skills
increases their personal attainment in a foreign language
Through a series of sessions that take place during the academic year (we suggest September – May) learners develop their teaching skills and prepare lessons to teach to younger learners. The process of preparation to teach involves micro-teaching and peer and teacher feedback. Teachers who deliver this Award devise their own schedules but include all of the elements described in the Award Course
These are key requirements of the Language Leader Award course:

25-30 hours delivery of course
MFL teacher who can be explicit about aspects of pedagogy (ITT mentor)
Continuous assessment and feedback by teacher
Minimum of 1 hour (3 x 20 mins) language activity planned, delivered with whole class of younger learners and evaluated by the language leader (assessed by teacher)