Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing FAQ


Why does my child have to take the test?
This will help to identify people who have Covid-19 before they develop symptoms and will help to reduce the number of people they spread it to, reducing the transmission rate. The more the transmission rate is reduced the quicker we will be able to get back to normal.

Who will be doing the testing?
The Army with the support of our staff, will be performing the test under the Mass Testing Pilot Scheme. Liverpool has been chosen to be the first mass testing City.

How do I give consent for my daughter to be tested?
To be able to participate in this pilot you need to give consent via the Edulink One App. To do this please Open the App, select the green 'FORMS' option and then complete the form labelled 'CONSENT FORM Covid-19 Lateral Flow Testing'. Alternatively. we can provide your daughter will a paper copy of the school's consent letter for you to sign and return to school.

What if I don't want my child to have the test?
There is no requirement for your daughter to have to the test. If you do not provide consent for the test, your daughter (if under 16) will not have the test.

What if my daughter is over 16 and wants to have the test, but I have not provided consent (or vice versa)?
It has been agreed that schools will not test 16-18 year olds if parents have not given their consent.

How quickly will we know the results of the test?
We will know the outcome of the test within 20 minutes and school will contact you if your child tests positive or has to isolate.

What does the test involve?
The test is a lateral flow test.

When will my child be tested?
School will draw up a rota and once finalised we will inform you via Edulink when your child will be tested. We will be starting with Year 11.

Who is going to be looking after my child before and after the test?
School staff will be looking after your child before they are tested and the Pastoral staff will be supporting any children who test positive.

If my child tests positive what happens next?
You will be contacted by school to pick up your child who will have to isolate with the rest of the household.

What if my daughter has been in contact with a pupil who tests positive?
If your child has been in close contact with a child who tests positive, you will be notified, and your daughter will be required to self-isolate for a period of fourteen days.

How will schooling continue while my child is isolating?
School's Blended Learning plan will be in place – work will be set and remote access to lessons will take place. Pupils who do not have home ICT access will be provided with a loan laptop for the period of isolation.