The 2017 student leadership has been appointed! Congratulations to the following students who have taken post for the following roles. We congratulate all students who applied, the field was very strong this year!


Head Girl - Lily Galvin
Deputy Head Girl - Kira Taylor
Deputy Head Girl - Molly Madigan
Head Prefect KS3 - Sarah Raynor
Head Prefect KS4 - Eve Campbell-Jones
Head of Student Council - Niamh Eperson

The 2016 student leadership team paid the new team a visit and gave their advice for the next academic year. Thank you to the 2016 team who have made a fantastic contribution to Broughton life. We wish them the very best of luck for their future and look forward to welcoming them back to Broughton again soon!
We have had some exceptional Head Girl's at Broughton Hall. Chloe Spencer, (Head Girl 2015) recently spoke as our guest of honour at the Year 9 Graduation. She delivered an inspiring speech to our diploma graduates and is a true role model for our pupils. Chloe, Carys O'Sullivan (Head Girl 2016) and newly appointed Lily Galvin all met to share their experiences and discuss how life at Broughton has evolved over the years.