Broughton Hall High School - One Heart, One Mind
LFC Ladies
LFC ladies visited school to talk about how hard work, commitment and determination can lead to success and how girls getting involved in Football and sport can lead to so many opportunities and open so may doors.

The players were questioned by pupils who have elected to study exam PE. They had prepared questions on diet, training, fitness and sports psychology and were able to see how and what the have learnt in the classroom impact the footballers day to day.
LFC Ladies
First Team manager Vicky along with players Niamh and Courtney delivered a coaching session to over 30 pupils. They loved the opportunity and it was fantastic to see so many inspired and enthused by football.

Ex student Heather Carroll who works in operations for LFC organised the event, showing the pupils that there are plenty of opportunities and jobs in sport that are not just related to playing!

Thanks Liverpool ladies for giving us this opportunity and for proving us with signed photos and tickets to some matches, we cant wait to go and watch you!

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