Broughton Hall High School - One Heart, One Mind
London Trip 2019
Year 9 and 10 GCSE Drama students had a wonderful time on their recent trip to London. Upon arrival students visited Covent Garden, soaking up the sights and watching street theatre including a 'bed of nails' act and Opera singing in the square. In the evening we stopped off for dinner at Pizza Hut then watched an incredible performance of "School of Rock" before returning to the hotel and catching up on much needed sleep!

Our second day saw us walk to South bank for a guided tour of the National Theatre, we were shown in backstage areas and learnt all about the elements of the building. The National Theatre is classed as the only working factory in London as not only does it deliver show stopping performances, but has workshops back stage for the creation of set, props and costumes. In the afternoon of our second day, students participated in a workshop at the famous Pineapple Studios (given its name as it used to be used as a storage warehouse for Pineapples for the local market!) with Rosie from "School of Rock". Students learnt the choreography to "Stick it to the Man" and gave their best 'rock 'n' roll' faces throughout!

Students and staff had a fabulous two days and learnt a lot about all different aspects of Theatre as well as enjoying the bright lights of London. Thanks to all parents and carers who supported this very successful visit.