On the 22nd of March eight Year 10 pupils took part in a Maths Feast which was held at King David High School. This involved the girls competing against other schools to solve some very challenging problems using both their mathematical and logic skills. 

Are you able to solve one of the problems they had to answer?


Four people are travelling across country when they come to a river during the night. There is a narrow bridge, but unfortunately it can only hold two people at a time. They have only one torch and because it’s night, the torch has to be used when crossing the bridge. Ali can cross the bridge in one minute, Beth in two minutes, Carl in five minutes and Dave in eight minutes. When two people are crossing the bridge together they must move at the slower person’s pace. The question is can they all get across the bridge in 15 minutes or less? Describe the strategy that achieves your best time.


If you think you have the answer then forward your entry to bricknellh@broughtonhall.com by Monday 24th April when a winner will be chosen at random.