Medical Day

Broughton Hall will hosting a  Medical Day  on behalf of MCS Projects Ltd  on Tuesday 17th July 2018, for young people who are interested in careers in medicine. We look forward to welcoming students from Chesterfield High School, St Julie's, Range High School, Calday Grange, St Anslem's College, Bolton School and Wirral Grammar School for Boys who will take part alongside Broughton Hall students.

Medical Day
The event will be led by medical students from local universities, and students will learn how to apply to Medical School; hear from a practicing doctor about his/her work and also undertake a range of medical activities, including:
  • Emergency Medical Assistance – Young people learn about the procedures that need to be followed in a medical emergency. This includes how to administer CPR, and how to treat a choking patient.
  • Diagnostics – Young people play the role of a doctor investigating two different medical conditions. To come to their diagnosis they examine X-rays, brain scans, test ‘urine’ samples for high blood sugar and assess the level of the patient’s consciousness.
  • Medical Ethics – Young people are presented with real medical scenarios, and have to consider the ethical implications as the conditions develop. Finally, they role-play the stories and justify their decisions.