Private Music Tuition
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Tuition is available to ALL pupils of Broughton Hall Catholic High School, regardless of whether they’ve taken lessons before. Lessons are available on the following, subject to adequate demand/staff availability:

  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Trumpet
  • Flute / Clarinet / Saxophone
  • Drum Kit
  • Guitar / Bass
  • Keyboard / Piano
  • Voice

This is a school-administrated system which aims to increase opportunity and convenience for families wishing to benefit from music tuition.  As such, the ethos and expectation of this system is that all students having music tuition in school will attend at least one extra-curricular music activity (e.g. Choir, Band) per week.

Instrument Loan
School has some instruments to loan, for a fixed period, for students to begin tuition.
Joing an Ensemble
School ensembles are available for all after school: Choir (Years 7-9); Vocal Group (Years 9-13); Junior Band (beginners) and Celebration Group (more advanced).

Paired lessons cost £4.00 and individual lessons £8.00.

Lessons last 20 minutes and are taken during the school day on a rolling timetable.  Students should leave class 5 minutes before their lesson is due (no earlier) to collect instruments & set up.  Students will miss part of their subject lessons to facilitate music tuition and must be prepared to catch up on any missed learning.  Year 11 & 6th form students have priority for slots outside of lesson time.  Longer individual lessons, e.g. 30 minutes, are recommended for grades 4+, at a cost of £12.00 per 30 minute lesson/£24.00 per hour.

Students will have around 28-30 lessons per year, dependent on the school calendar.  These will usually be grouped in half termly blocks of 5-8 weeks, although for admin reasons we may require full advance payment for two half terms.  Peripatetic staff will keep records of lessons held and ensure that the full entitlement is received.

Invoices for the next block of tuition will be issued 2 weeks prior to the end of the current block.  These must be paid promptly and in advance on ParentPay, e.g. 5 lessons at £4.00 = £20.00.  Peripatetic teachers will withdraw lessons where invoices remain unpaid after the notice period.  All invoices for the academic year can be viewed on the school website.


Please make a payment via ParentPay
We would be grateful if you could avoid sending cash or cheques into school for music tuition wherever possible.  See the school website for details of ParentPay.

All matters relating to finance are dealt with by the Admin Team and Finance Office.  If you have queries about this, please contact them directly.


Heavily subsidised lessons are available for committed students who qualify for Pupil Premium, as well as any families who apply with qualifying circumstances (for example, if you are in financial difficulty).  Parents are asked, if possible, to contribute £30.00 for the academic year and the school covers the remaining cost.  Sponsorship will be allocated in line with national guidelines and at the school’s discretion.  If no place is available when applied for, students will be placed on a waiting list and allocated one when possible.  Should attendance at lessons fall below 80% across a term, school reserves the right to immediately withdraw funding. Please contact the Director of Music via the School Office if you would like to enquire about subsidised places.


Terms and Conditions
If a student is late for or misses a lesson whilst in school it will still be charged.  In the case of a pre-arranged school activity (such as an exam or school trip), no charge will be made if the tutor is informed directly, one week in advance, by the student or parents, so that the student’s lesson time can be amended. If the tutor is unable to deliver a lesson, the tutor will endeavour to make the lesson up. Failing that a credit will be issued or a refund will be given.

It is the student’s responsibility to check and remember their lesson time and attend promptly with minimum disruption to the lesson they are leaving.

Class Charts
Class Charts will be used to log attendance, missed lessons and punctuality for both music tuition and extra curricular sessions.
Stopping Lessons
If a student wishes to stop lessons for any reason, 2 weeks paid and written notice must be given to the peripatetic teacher and the school.  This includes the end of the summer term / start of the autumn term (except for year 11 students), otherwise it will be arranged that lessons continue into the new term / academic year.

Other Costs
Graded exams in Music are recognised national qualifications.  Entry costs are detailed on exam board websites.  Other costs that may be involved are:

  • tuition books (around £5.00) and sheet music (£3.00 upwards)
  • strings (around £8.00 for a set, £1.50 for one), reeds (around £1.00-£5.00, depending on the instrument), valve oil (around £2.50)
  • instrument repairs (various, enquire directly with retailers)
  • accompanist fees (minimum for one 30 min rehearsal and the exam day itself): Grades 1/2: £25, 3/4 £30, 5/6: £35, 7: £40 and 8: £45.
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