Three Year 12 students again represented Broughton Hall in the Regional Heat of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Young Analyst Competition. This was hosted by the University of Liverpool and involved over 25 schools attending from all over the region.

The theme of the day was the analysis of chemicals used in painkiller tablets. Students analysed solutions of aspirin and ibuprofen tablets to quantify the amount of active ingredient in them. They also used UV spectroscopy to analyse the concentration of caffeine in a medicine containing this stimulant. They also were challenged to identify an unknown drug sample using Thin Layer Chromatography.

Some familiar A level practical techniques and skills were tested during the practical work but they also had the opportunity to learn some new, more advanced laboratory skills and to use some state of the art equipment.

The team performed very well and enjoyed the experience of working in university laboratories. It was a thoroughly interesting and worthwhile day.