New School Uniform

After a number of discussions with pupils, it has been decided to update Broughton Hall's school uniform for the next academic year. The new uniform will be available to purchase in our retailers from mid to late June. Cost was a major factor when sourcing a new uniform and the suppliers have assured us that any difference in price will be kept to a minimum. Although the colour and basic shape of the uniform remain unchanged, some features have been added to improve the fit and style of the uniform. The new uniform involves:

uniform mid
A fitted blazer with a coloured trim around the lapel. There will be 2 colours of trim, one for years 7-9 and one for years 10 & 11. The patch pockets have been removed and replaced by pocket flaps. The colour, fabric and the inside of the blazer remains unchanged.
All years will have a jumper with the school’s badge embroidered on it. The jumper remains the same colour and style but is more fitted and is more comfortable when worn with the blazer.
The school blouse remains the same.
The skirt has been updated with knife pleats rather than box pleats. The pleats are partially sewn from the waist which helps them to stay in shape longer. It also helps with the fitted blazer which sits more comfortably over the knife pleats.
The uniform will be available to purchase from July 2016. It is not compulsory for all pupils to wear the new uniform in September 2017 however, we do expect all Year 7 pupils in September 2017 to have the new uniform. The old uniform will no longer be available to purchase after this academic year.

It was important that all stakeholders had an input into the design of the new uniform and after consultation with governors, parents and pupils, the new design was agreed.
uniform who
fitted blazer
with a coloured trim around the lapel, pale blue for years 7-9 and royal blue for years 10 & 11.
cotton blend jumper
with embroidered school badge.
knife pleat skirt
with stitched down pleats at the yoke giving a fitted skirt, reducing bulk under the fitted blazer.
Gingham Blouse
remains unchanged.
Uniform 1