Year 10 / 12 pupils and parents were invited to attend the Oxbridge launch last Thursday. The programme has been put together and led by Stephen Twigg in collaboration with West Derby secondary schools. The programme is one step Broughton Hall are taking to support our more able pupils and develop high aspirations. The programme will prepare our pupils throughout their GCSE and A Levels in making an Oxbridge application.
The launch included key speakers from past Oxbridge students, including our very own Ms Skimming. Pupils heard their experiences which gave them an insight as to what it is like to study there.

The programme will support pupils throughout their education at Broughton and will include, peer mentoring, Oxbridge visits, application support and interview preparation.
The programme has had some recent success as two of our current Year 13 students, Sarah Davies and Eleanor King received an interview and offer respectively, having gone through the programme in Sixth Form

The pupils found the launch extremely useful and are eager to get involved with the opportunities it will bring.
Poppy Barton, Year 12 said "It was good to hear from past students from our area that went to Oxford and Cambridge. The evening inspired me to help realise my potential"

Amy Steele, Year 12 said "It was really helpful and gave a good insight into Oxford and Cambridge. It is more accessible than I first thought. I know the programme will be helpful and support my application."
Caitlin Gaul, Year 10 said "It was interesting to hear experiences from people with similar backgrounds to ours. I gained an insight into university life and received some advice to help prepare me now."
I thoroughly enjoyed the Oxbridge meeting I attended – I found it very informative and inspiring. The people I spoke to were very friendly and seemed interested in what we were saying – this all helped to create a calm and comfortable environment for the evening, as we knew we did not have to join in (in applying to the universities) if we felt it was not for us. Overall, I found the evening to be very successful and am happy I attended it. - Year 10, Broughton Hall Catholic High School
I thought that the launch evening of the Liverpool to Oxbridge project was very informative in telling us what life is like as an Oxbridge student and has made me aware of potential paths I could take. - Year 10, Broughton Hall Catholic High School
I thought the launch event was informative and gave me an insight into what university life was like for applicants from Liverpool and how they were breaking the stereotype that people from Liverpool have. - Year 10, Broughton Hall Catholic High School
If you require any further information about the Oxbridge programme, please speak to Mrs Hitchough (UCAS Advisor) or Mrs Hayes (Director of Year 12 and 13).