Parent Reading Scheme
At Broughton Hall Catholic High School we aim to encourage pupils to read widely; to improve their reading skills and to make reading an enjoyable activity. This booklet is designed to give you the opportunity to help your daughter to improve her reading skills at home.

Every subject requires basic literacy skills and the school dedicates one morning a week to reading for pleasure. The reading for pleasure scheme will enable pupils to extend their reading inside and outside of school.
Why Have a Home Reading Scheme?
This year, we would be very grateful if someone at home could find the time to join in the process and help out. We would like you to spend a few minutes each week listening to your daughter reading and then fill in a brief 'Home Reading Record Sheet' (this record sheet is explained in more detail within the online booklet).
pdf Home Reading Scheme / Record Sheet
Whether your daughter is a brilliant reader or someone who really finds it tough going, your involvement can produce lots of benefits;

For your daughter:

  • Genuine help, encouragement and enjoyment
  • The chance to discuss books and ideas
  • The opportunity to improve reading skills

For you:

  • Greater involvement in your daughter’s education
  • Training and advice on helping your daughter to read
  • The enjoyment of reading together