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Thirty eight Year 9 students and 5 staff have taken part in an exciting fun-packed trip to Paris from Thursday 17th March to Monday 21st March. The aim of this trip was to enhance cultural and linguistic awareness. Below is a snap shot of our learning adventures:

Our journey to Paris has just begun. After loading luggage and checking that everybody had their passports, money, phones and Ehic cards with them, all girls were ready to board the coach. Seat belts are on and the girls are chatting away with excitement. So far there isn’t much traffic on the motorway.


We have crossed the channel safely. We are now on the motorway to Paris. The weather is gorgeous.


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We have just had lunch break. All the girls and teachers have been fed and watered. The weather is great. We have all ordered our food independently. While the teachers look a bit tired, the girls are singing so happily on the coach. We are not far from our destination.


As we have arrived to Ozoir-La Ferrière quite early, we have decided to stop at a French Shopping Mall where we have carried out some shopping independently in French. This experience has given us confidence in using another language and another currency in our daily life. We had to figure out prices in Euros and make payments at the till too. After the shopping experience, we went to the campus to check in. After we were allocated our rooms, we had our French dinner. After that, we went for a short walk and then to the Bowling Alley where some girls enjoyed a game of Laser Quest, a game of bowling, a game of pool while some girls just chilled and enjoyed a refreshing soft drink in the company of their school mates in a French atmosphere.


"After having a typical French breakfast, we headed to Central Paris. While driving through the city, we were exploring what this amazing city had to offer. After that, we set off on a River Seine cruise and marveled at the beautiful landscape. We stood on the open roof and enjoyed the view, along with taking lots of photos! The group particularly enjoyed the Notre Dame cathedral, and the stunning view of the Eiffel Tower.

After seeing the gorgeous city at ground level, we took to the skies and took a trip it the 58 floored Montparnasse Tower, to get an extra special view of Paris. We had a breathtaking 360 degree view of Paris and took even more amazing photos of the city.
The group also endeavored in teaching the staff the art of selfies! Teachers could not afford to miss a learning opportunity so they were engaged in the Charlie's Angels' pose."
By Lauren
After enjoying the panoramic views of the city from the terrace of the tower of Montparnasse, we were all ready for lunch. Once we have finished eating, everybody was Wifi-connected with their families and friends telling them what they have enjoyed exploring that morning. Some girls just chatted away while comparing the British culture with the French culture. After the girls gathered their energy again we were ready to go for a walk around the Montparnasse area. As the weather was gorgeous, café terraces were packed with Parisians enjoying the world go by while sipping away their favorite drinks. The girls have really enjoyed walking on the pavement alongside the Parisians. They have also noticed how hectic living and working in Paris can be.
Some girls were keen and eager to ask many questions about life in this exciting city. Paris has offered a fantastic live reading and listening opportunities as the girls were reading menus and signs as well as listening to French people chatting away about their daily lives in French.
We got back to the coach just before 4pm. You can imagine how busy the roads of Paris are on a Friday late afternoon. Once again, the girls had an opportunity to experience real Parisian life as those who live outside Paris were heading back to their homes for the weekend.
"After visiting Montparnasse Tower earlier in the day, and going on the Seine cruise we were just as excited to go to karaoke and Laser Quest later on! We got to the place where laser quest and karaoke was, and went to the arcade too where we played dance rounds and air hockey.
After everyone came back from Laser Quest, we watched people sing on karaoke and although most sang in French and we couldn't understand them, we still sang along; it was hilarious and we had a great time. There was a lot of laughs and fun, and some of us sang dancing queen, as well as Estelle singing hallelujah which was amazing. We enjoyed laser tag, and once we went back to the campus we were very tired from the busy but exciting day.
It was another hectic but brilliant day and we're looking forward to going to Disneyland tomorrow!"
By Caitlin and Erin
We have arrived safely to Disney Park. Everybody is so excited including the teachers. Although it is a bit cold this morning, we are all wrapped up warm and rearing to go.
We are all enjoying ourselves immensely, and our inner child is coming out! Space Mountain was a favorite of the students, but not so much the teachers! The pupils loved it when the staff wore pink Minnie mouse hats which looked like "tea cosies" It was fantastic to see the girls and the staff alike acting like excited children!
After our action-packed day at Disney Land, the group went to the Val d'Europe Shopping Centre to get our dinner and do some shopping. Sephora was a favorite of the girls', and we all enjoyed a nice sit down after our eventful day!
When we went back to the hotel, we chilled and had a laugh with our teachers. Some girls caught up with their parents and family members via FaceTime. Drinking hot chocolate and snacking on biscuits and grapes went down a treat.

After our breakfast this morning, we headed towards central Paris. The traffic was fine for a Sunday morning, which was a bonus. Although it was a bit cold, it was a dry morning but cloudy. One of the drivers, Phil gave us a guided tour of most famous landmarks in Paris.

Through this morning tour, we have learned quite a lot about French architecture, symmetry, vistas and a bit about the history of Paris. We have stopped to take some memorable photos in front of the main famous historical monuments, such as the Trocadero Gardens and l'hôpital des Invalides. During our guided tour we had to applaud Fred, one of the drivers, who did brilliantly to reverse in one of the narrowest roads of Paris after he was surprised to see two cars parked opposite each other in a way that wouldn't have allowed us to proceed closer to the Presidential Palace.
Our visit to the Louvre museum was booked for 12:45 but the girls were hungrier for food than for art so we had to move our visit to 2:00 after the French lady working at the group reception was so helpfully understanding.
Le restaurant du monde offered various meal options to everyone in the group. After everyone was fed and watered, we headed to the Louvre Museum where we saw quite a good variety of art work, with the favorite piece being the Mona Lisa.
After the Louvre Museum, the girls took themselves for a shopping spree to get treats and souvenirs for their parents and family members. The Carrousel Shopping Mall was very busy but the girls managed to get around all the shops and bought what they wanted. After our shopping, we walked through the gardens of Tuilleries to get to place de la Concorde where the coach was.
During the short journey back to the hotel, some girls went on a singing contest in the back of the coach. After dinner in the hotel, we went back to our rooms to start packing. Then we went down to the foyer where we had a quiz. In the meantime, Mr Kassimi and Mrs Lunney surprised us with pizzas as a treat. Happy Days.
"Today, after we finished packing our suitcases and loaded them onto the coach, we had breakfast for the last time. Then we travelled without stopping until Calais and we then arrived at the border control. We were on the ferry by 1:10, and we arrived in Dover at 2:15 and we are currently on our way to Liverpool and we look forward to seeing our family and friends.

Shout-out to Phil and Fred the amazing coach drivers who have told us very interesting facts about Paris during our many hours travelling, and who have kept us sane by making us laugh a lot! We are very grateful for their very safe driving, especially on the manic roads, and also when we were stuck on one of the smallest roads in Paris!

We have had an amazing time in Paris, and so we would also like to thank the teachers (especially Mr Kassimi!) for organising and giving up their time to take us on this trip. We would also like to thank them for the many poses we were taught, especially the Charlie's Angels pose!! Paris has been fantastic and the girls have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, so thank you to everyone who was involved in this trip!

All of the girls and the staff have loved this trip and all of the memories we have made with each other. From this trip we have gained memories laughs and most of all friends. This was an amazing opportunity for us and we will never forget this experience!!!!"
By Lauren, Megan and Emily
After a long journey from Dover, we arrived to Broughton Hall Catholic high School at around 8:45pm much earlier than planned originally. We were all excited to catch up with parents and family members and share the happy memories that we have made during our trip to this exciting city. Everlasting happy memories. We are all so very proud. This is what Phil, one of the drivers had to say:

"This is the second time I have taken girls from your school to Paris and I must admit that I have been very impressed with your manners, respect and friendliness. Your school, teachers and parents must be very proud of you."
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