At Broughton Hall, we believe in encouraging our students to read for pleasure as evidence illustrates the importance of reading for both educational purposes as well as personal development. In addition, there is also an acknowledgement that a positive relationship between reading frequency and reading enjoyment supports a student’s attainment level across all subjects, including Maths and Science. Early engagement in wider reading prepares students for the demands of GCSE and A Level exam preparation and reading around the topics covered helps to build independent learning skills which are essential in today’s competitive world. GCSEs in RE, Geography, History, as well as English Language and Literature, are now assessed on levels of literacy, and the demands of new National Curriculum place a greater emphasis on reading.
There are many ways that you can help your daughter to prepare for these increased demands, for example, encouraging them to download the kindle app onto their mobile phones or tablets; buying books for them or joining your local library; encouraging them to read for just 30 minutes a day; swapping books with friends in school; talking to them about what they are reading and recommending your favourite books to them; downloading the Read Liverpool e-reader which is free, and parents and pupils can access free reading material including books, magazines and audiobooks at Access the links below for further guidance, reading lists, websites that can encourage reading for pleasure and some of the books that our students are reading. If you require any further information, please contact Mrs Hudson.
Book recommendations for different reading abilities:
Advanced Readers
Excellent Readers
Skilled Readers

Click here to find out about our reading for pleasure programme in Broughton Hall.

Click here find out about the Reading Revolutionary programme that Broughton Hall is part of, offering a buddy system to year 7 pupils and children in our feeder schools of St. Oswald's, St.Paul's and St.Cecilia's.

Click here for the Liverpool-based charity, the Reader Organisation in Calderstones' Park, to find out about the work they do to encourage reading for pleasure.

Click here for the City of Readers website and Frank Cottrell Boyce's new work.

Click here to find out what our students are reading and for some recommendations from our Reading Ambassadors.

Click here to get access to the Liverpool libraries free e-reader.

Click here for advice on how to help your daughter make the most of reading for pleasure.

Readathon is an initiative that Broughton Hall is taking part in to encourage pupils to read for pleasure and to also raise money for four worthwhile charities at the same time. Click here to find out about the initiative.
Read for My School is a national competition that years 7 and 8 can take part in, see the letter to parents and PowerPoint presentation for more details.