Evidence of Reading in Year 7

"I enjoy reading with Lauren because she is very nice to me and Jenna. She is very enthusiastic and encourages me and Jenna to read more. I feel more confident now than I did at the start of the year. I felt more anxious before I started reading and now I enjoy reading more. I now know why reading is so important and how it has helped us in our lessons." – Phoebe A 7DGA

Phoebe also said "Jenna has improved her writing skills because she has been reading more. She hasn't had to ask for as much help recently because she feels more confident with what she is doing. She goes straight onto her work now, but she used to have to ask for help from the teacher a lot. I think it's also helped her loads with her confidence too, because she reads out in class now because she is more comfortable with reading than she was at the start of the year when we didn't read much."

Reading Evidence 2
"Reading on a Friday helps me to enjoy reading more and it makes me feel more confident. It has made me feel more comfortable in class, and I feel like I have improved my reading skills a lot since the start of year seven. Reading with Lauren has helped me to speak out in class, and it has also made my writing much better" - Jenna C 7DGA.

Jenna also said "I think that reading on a Friday morning has helped Phoebe to get better at reading, because she doesn't get stuck as much as she did at the start of the year. I think that it has helped because she likes reading in class now, and she is really good at it because she is used to doing it with Lauren on a Friday morning."
Reading Evidence