Catholic Life
The Catholic Life of Broughton Hall is alive, active and dynamic. The beautiful school chapel has an open door policy, where everyone is always welcomed warmly by the school chaplain, Kasia Boydell, who plays a key role in the spiritual and liturgical life of the school.

In the chapel there is a chance for quiet reflection and prayer. Prayer boards are situated around the room for all to use, as well as a Happiness Bowl for all to give thanks, a prayer of the day, daily gospel readings, prayer mandalas for pupils to pray through artwork, thoughts and reflections displayed on a PowerPoint, and reflective music played throughout the day.

Prayer and Worship is important to the school, and we have Collective Worship every day, focusing on a different theme each week. Every form at Broughton Hall is invited to the chapel during registration at least once to take part in Collective Worship with Kasia. Masses are held at important Catholic feast days, and there is the excellent opportunity every Thursday 3.15-4.15pm to take part in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. All are welcome – pupils, staff and parents.


Assemblies take place throughout the year on a regular basis, and staff are kept up to date each week with the school's spiritual life through the Chapel News in the Bulletin.

Charity work is another key feature in the spiritual growth at Broughton Hall, where pupils realise the value of helping others. We support many charities, including CAFOD, The Good Shepherd Appeal, Zoe's Place, Cancer Research, and The Shoebox Appeal. Pupils are given the opportunity to run fundraising events for charities close to their hearts, putting the ownership of their good deed into their hands.

We also have a retreat programme for Year 7 and Year 9. It is important to create an ethos where pupils can come together outside of the school situation, to recognise God's presence in themselves and others. The retreat experience helps to build our school community, allows pupils to get to know each other outside the school environment, and reflects and prays about our reasons for living and enriching others.
Broughton Hall was Founded by the Sisters of Mercy and inspired by the Mercy ethos of Catherine McAuley. In this Year of Mercy, we are encouraging all members of the school community to take part in merciful acts towards each other and towards themselves.

In line with the school Mission Statement, Broughton Hall endeavours to interpret human knowledge in the light of the Gospel, with the school community contributing to the spiritual and moral formation of the pupils, as well as to their intellectual and physical development. The young people are helped by a set of faith development opportunities to integrate their faith with everyday experience.