Broughton Hall High School - One Heart, One Mind
Smile Productions Festival
On Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of February the dance students performed at this year's Smile Productions festival held at Broughton Hall Catholic High School. Below are the placing of each dance:

Eloise M - Commecial Solo - 4th Place
Erin M - Acro Solo – 2nd Place
Rope dance - Advanced group – 2nd Place
Work me down down - Advanced group – 3rd Place
Legally Blonde – Ks3 group dance – 1st Place
Dem Beats – KS3 and 4 group dance - 2nd Place
Eva R and Grace M duet – Maniac – 4th Place
Sam F and Ellie C duet – What About Us – 4th Place

The main adjudicator was Head of Dance at the Brit school and gave our students some amazing feedback:

"An entertaining group"
"Super Energy!"
"Excellent elevation from all of the dancers."
"The group worked well together!"


Smile Productions Dance Competition