Broughton Hall does not have its own bus service however as we are situated on Yew Tree Lane many buses run close by eg. 15, 61, 361, 102 and 10.

Broughton Hall is on a very busy road and it can be quite dangerous therefore we respectfully ask that you do not drop your daughter off at the school gate.

Girls must be in school by 8.35 a.m in order to go to their lockers and organise themselves in time for registration at 8.45 a.m. Registration lasts for 20 minutes, it is vital that your daughter is on time as registration is where your daughter will be given any important notices for the day. There are 5 lessons each day and each lesson lasts 1 hour. The school day finishes at 2.55 p.m.
Year 7 have lunch at 11.55, your daughter may choose to bring in a packed lunch however we have a canteen serving a wide variety of foods, food may be ordered in advance and we operate a cashless payment system. Pupils are not allowed to leave school premises at lunch time.
If your daughter is late for school then she will receive a late mark. If she arrives after registration has closed then you will receive a text message informing you that your daughter has not arrived at school. If your daughter arrives late then she will have a lunchtime detention on that day, if she has fails to attend that then she will have a detention for 1 hour after school on the following Wednesday, failure to attend Progress Manager detention will result in Friday detention with a Senior member of staff.
Your daughter will be informed of her detention and staff may issue 10 minute detention without notification, for longer detentions a keep kids safe text message and / or letter may be sent home and you are informed via the Classcharts app.
Yes, homework is vital for continued progress. Your daughter will be issued with a student planner in which she will record homework, we also use Classcharts where staff record homeworks. You will be given your own individual log in details.
No, mobile phones are not allowed in Broughton Hall. We do recognise that some parents/guardians request that their child brings a mobile phone to school for safety and security reasons on the way to and from school. Pupils are advised that if in exceptional circumstances they bring a mobile phone onto the school grounds during the school day, the phone should be handed in to their Student Support Manager before registration where it will be safely locked away. The phone can be collected at the end of the day. The phone is stored at the owners risk and school will accept no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged phones. Pupils are not required to have a mobile phone as they are able to use the school landlines to contact parents in an emergency.

If a pupil does not follow the school rules then the phone will be confiscated and an appointment will be made with a parent to collect the phone 24 hours later.

Your daughter should come to school with a fully stocked pencil case. She will be given a pupil planner and she must have this with her at all times. Your daughter will be given a locker however it is her responsibility to provide her own lock, she may choose to give a spare key to her progress tutor. Pupils should bring their books to school in a plain, black bag and they are allowed to carry a Broughton Hall black bag around school, all other bags must remain in their lockers. Your daughter will require her PE kit and trainers on days she has PE and for Maths she will require a compass, a ruler, a pencil, a protractor, a set square and a scientific calculator.

If you need to contact school for any reason please call our main switchboard 0151 541 9440 who will put you through to the support manager for Year 7.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.