Intent – Our curriculum in sixth form is designed with each individual in mind. The 16-19 study programme consists of a coherent and appropriately challenged curriculum that enables our students to achieve and aids progression. It includes qualification and non-qualification activity and is reviewed with students during sixth form to ensure the programme continues to meet their needs.

The 16-19 Study Programme.

  • Academic or vocational qualifications
  • English language or maths where students do not hold a GCSE graded 4 or above in that subject by 16.
  • Religious and Values Education
  • Enrichment – that develops the character, skills, attitudes and confidence of students.
  • Work Experience – that develop employability skills and relate to students' study programme or career aspirations.
  • PSHE and Tutorial

Implementation – Our curriculum is structured in a way that enables our learners to access a vast number of academic and vocational courses. Some course are delivered or shared with Cardinal Heenan to ensure a wider offer for to our students. Our subjects are organised into option blocks which have been carefully designed to offer the best suite of subjects. Opportunities to resit English language and maths are implemented into our curriculum to ensure learners improve their knowledge and understanding and make progress in those areas.

Impact – Our curriculum is reviewed annually to ensure our provision meets the needs of our learners. 16-19 Study programmes are evaluated to ensure outcomes are positive and desired destinations achieved.

Students wishing to study at Sixth Form must achieve GCSE grades 4 or above in at least 5 subjects.

Each subject has their own entry requirements which are reviewed annually. This information can be found on the option blocks form.

Students will study Maths and English language at Level 2 if a grade 4 or above was not achieved at GCSE.

In Sixth Form, we recognise the importance for students to develop independent learning and to experience a range of teaching and learning styles. Teaching of some courses in years 12 and 13 are shared with other collaborative schools and in particular Cardinal Heenan. This allows greater course provision and flexibility of subject combinations.

Our table below indicates the Broughton Hall course provision offered for 2019-20  Please note that our option blocks and curriculum provision are subject to change, reflecting the needs of our students.
Option Blocks