As you will be aware, the DfE are in the process of reforming A level exams. The reforms began to take effect in September 2015. For students starting Sixth Form in September 2016, the majority of A levels will be the more challenging reformed type.  Under the old modular A level system the AS and A2 exams were coupled so that the AS and A2 exam results each contributed 50% of the marks of the overall A level. The new reformed linear A levels have de-coupled AS and A2 results. This means that students may still take a separate AS level exam in a subject but the result will not contribute towards the overall A level. The A level result is achieved on the basis of examinations (and coursework) taken in year 13 only.

In light of this, from September 2016, any student who studies reformed A Levels at Broughton Hall will take a linear exam, at the end of year 13. Students who study any old modular subjects will still sit an AS in year 12 which will contribute towards their final A2 grade in year 13.

For the majority of students joining Sixth Form in September 2016, they will follow a study programme of three Level 3 courses. Four Level 3 courses may still be permitted at the discretion of the Director of Sixth Form. GCSE Maths or English re-sit courses are to be taken in addition to Level 3 courses, if a grade C has not been achieved in either subject.


Students will study a personalised Study Programme throughout their time at Sixth Form. These consist of a
coherent and appropriately challenged programme that supports the progression of the student that included
qualification and non-qualification activity.

Study Programmes consist of
  • Academic or vocational qualifications
  • English or maths where students do not hold a GCSE graded A*-C in that subject by 16
  • Religious and Values Education
  • Enrichment – that develops the character, skills, attitudes and confidence of students
  • Work Experience – that develop employability skills and relate to students study programme or career aspirations
  • PSHE and Tutorial
Students wishing to study at Sixth Form must achieve GCSE grades A*-C in at least 5 subjects. Those students that wish to peruse academic A Level courses require at least 3 B’s and 2 C’s at GCSE.

Some of our courses require A*-B in the subject to be studied and may also require the addition of GCSE Maths, English or Science at grade B/C or above. Each subject has their own entry requirements which are reviewed annually. Details of which can be found in our prospectus.

Students will study Maths and English at Level 2 for those who did not achieved C or above at GCSE.
In Sixth Form, we recognise the importance for students to develop independent learning and to experience a range of teaching and learning styles. Teaching of some courses in years 12 and 13 are shared with other collaborative schools and in particular Cardinal Heenan. This allows greater course provision and flexibility of subject combinations.

Our table below indicates the Broughton Hall course provision offered for 2016-17.  Please note that our option blocks and curriculum provision are subject to change, reflecting the needs of our students.