Students engage in an Enrichment programme during Year 12. The purpose of enrichment is for students to develop key skills that complement their academic studies. Students are encouraged to engage in an enrichment activity that supports their career choices and will provide valuable experience in preparation for their future. The Sixth Form has close links with local universities, primary schools and other agencies that enables students to find suitable placements. In addition, there is an impressive programme of enrichment activities delivered in school throughout the two years including the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, Chefs Academy, sign language courses, first aid and foreign trips such as World Challenge.
In addition to Enrichment, every Year 12 student is expected to complete 25 community hours during the academic year. Students are encouraged to help out in areas of personal interest. Community Hours help raise the profile of our Sixth Formers and integrate them into lower school. They can develop and improve key skills such as communication, organisation, leadership, time management and co-operation. Examples of successful community hours include participation in the Reading Revolution, peer mentoring, classroom assisting and helping out during whole school events. It is recommended that students begin their community hours in September and complete at least one hour per week. This enables the experience to be manageable and worthwhile.

As part of our study programme, all year 12 students are expected to carry out one weeks work experience in the summer term. Work experience should be linked to the students’ subject choices or career goals We encourage the students to find their own placements as this will offer more flexibly and choice in what they want to do during their placement. We would love to hear from any parents who may be in a position to offer a placement to a student other than your son / daughter.