Monitoring and Intervention
Sixth Form intervention monitors student performance. Data is entered by teachers periodically and shared with students and parents. Teaching staff make a judgement using assessments, internal examinations, class work and homework and give a projected and current grade. Judgement is made against each students' target grade with interventions made when underperformance is identified.

Progress Tutors help "mentor" students in their form and help implement plans for underperforming students devised by subject areas and the Sixth Form Team. If a student is identified as below target they must engage in necessary intervention plans. These can include, supervised study, attend afterschool sessions, repeat assessments, additional lesson attendance.

Students receive a 20 minute tutorial each morning with their Progress Tutor. This provides students with an opportunity to discuss their progress, develop study skills and talk about their future aspirations. Progress Tutors pass on many opportunities that may benefit the students and develop their employability skills.

A coherent careers programme is available to sixth form students and this can be accessed on the careers area of the school website.

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) has introduced a Bursary Fund scheme. The aim of the fund is to support students who face genuine financial difficulties when continuing their studies. The 16-19 Bursary Fund is a limited fund. It is administered by the school and granted at the discretion of the school. We will prioritise allocation according to personal circumstances and household income. The level of support which the school can offer is dependent on the total funding received from the EFA and the number of applications it receives. For more information on eligibility, please download our Bursary information sheet. If you think you may be eligible for some financial support please download and return the necessary application form below. If you would like to discuss any of this further, you may contact our Sixth Form Support Manager on 0151 235 1552.
Bursary Fund
Bursary Fund - Letter to Parent / Carer
Bursary Fund - Application Form

Our study area is open daily from 8:30am – 4:30pm and our students work in the study area during any non-contact time. We have a full time Study Supervisor, Gary Aster, who manages the study area and provides students with additional support including 1:1 tutorial, EPQ delivery, help with personal statements and proof reading work