BHCHS Virtual Choir

United by Broughton Hall: our virtual choir has enabled pupils past and present to reconnect and sing. The world is constantly challenging and changing but the future holds promise and hope. We are proud to present to you: Unwritten.

"Being a part of this project has been amazing. I have loved having the opportunity to sing again! It's lovely to know that 10 years after leaving school, I am still able to get involved in projects like this. It really does mean so much so thank you!"

Bethan Love
Broughton Hall Alumni

Special thanks to:

Aimee Harris
Taran Harris
Jennifer Hynes
Liz Linfoot (nee Sawyer)

BHCHS Virtual Choir

Nikki Ball
Giorgia Bortoli
Kirstie Brizell
Teigan-Leigh Brown
Sophie Buckley
Llauren Cavanagh
Ellen Connolly
Ruth Denson
Sarah Devlin
Grace Doody
Emily Dyer
Libbie Ely

Isobel Ford
Aimee Harris
Stephanie Hayes
Emily Head
Katie Hinton
Jennifer Hynes
Caitlin Gaul
Faye Jewell
Helen Jones
Annie-Jo Keegan
Liz Linfoot
Bethan Love

Molly Madigan
Regan McCarthy
Carys O'Sullivan
Niamh Owens
Katharyn Parry
Rachel Quinn
Emma Robinson
Elisha Rodrigo
Eva Rodrigo
Nikola Roslan
Leyna Tiji
Emilee Wilinski

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