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History Department VE Day Resources

8th May 1945 - VE (Victory in Europe) Day - was one that remained in the memory of all those who witnessed it. It meant an end to nearly six years of a war that had cost the lives of millions; had destroyed homes, families, and cities; and had brought huge suffering and privations to the populations of entire countries.

Millions of people rejoiced in the news of the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany, relieved that the intense strain of total war was finally over. In towns and cities across the world, people marked the victory with street parties, dancing and singing.

Join the nation as we mark the 75th anniversary of VE day this bank holiday weekend. Below are links packed with fun and practical ideas that can be carried out at home and where you can celebrate this special anniversary in your own unique way. You can also follow the VE day timetable -There is something for everyone!

Citizenship Resources for VE Day celebrations

The resources below will help you find out more about the importance of VE Day and how women's roles have changed in society since the World War II.

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Lesson 1: Changing Role of Women in Society since World War II
Lesson 2: VE day and migration - the windrush generation
Lesson 3: Citizenship and VE day - Opportunities for Active Citizenship

For lesson 3, you may find it helpful to follow the ACTive Citizenship at home booklet as you plan and undertake projects.
You can also read a blog here by Zoe Baker on VE Day 75th Anniversary and Citizenship.

Extra Resources

The following link has information about VE Day and fun activities that you and your family could do to celebrate VE Day this Friday.