Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Sixth Form - English Literature

Key Information

Level: A Level
Examination Board: AQA
Subject Leader: Mr Jones

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in both English Language and Literature.

Why Choose this course?

This course requires a love of reading and a readiness to investigate, not only the set texts, but a wide range of supporting material. In addition, you will need to demonstrate initiative in personal research and organisational skills and to appreciate that success depends on the enthusiasm with which you consolidate lessons with personal investigation. Willingness and confidence in forming your own opinion and to express it with conviction are also necessary requirements.


This is a highly regarded qualification, which will be acceptable for any course of study at degree level. It is particularly suitable for students who wish to progress to journalism, teaching, publishing, the media or any career which requires a high level of literacy. It is an excellent preparation for the demands and study skills needed for higher education.

Course Content

Students will follow the AQA specification A.
This specification has a clear philosophy of reading and meaning and aims to encourage pupils to develop as an informed, independent reader and critic of literary texts. This will be achieved through a course of wide and close reading. This course provides pupils with maximum opportunities for both coursework and examination. The non-exam assessment component provides opportunities for students to pursue their own areas of interest and develop personal and independent learning skills. The variety of examination assessment styles allows students to develop a wide range of skills, such as the ability to read critically, analyse, evaluate and undertake independent research which are valuable for both further study and future employment.

Aims of the course
On this course you should develop your interest in and enjoyment of literature and literary studies as you:
- Read widely and independently set texts and wider reading poetry, drama and prose texts
- Engage creatively with a substantial body of texts and ways of responding to them
- Develop and apply your knowledge of literary analysis and evaluation in speech and writing
- Explore the contexts and others' interpretation of the texts you are reading

Course Opportunities/ Activities

This academic A-Level course is fantastic preparation for university study, given its seminar-style sessions and the importance of independent learning/organisation. Students will have an opportunity to experience a wide range of literary works, spanning the breadth of the last four centuries. Opportunities to attend events such as theatre trips and writer's workshops will always be taken if available.

Support and Challenge

Given the challenging nature of the course, staff forge strong relationships with students and are always on hand to offer support and guidance through school communication systems. Students will develop key knowledge of academic writing components, which will help to support them across their post-16 studies and the consistently successful outcomes achieved in the subject testify to the fact that students are always challenged to make those additional steps in their progress.

Student Comment

I would encourage you to choose English Literature because not only are the texts we study interesting ,but the wider knowledge and conversations in class that come along with it are too.

I liked GCSE English Literature, but I was sceptical when putting it down as one of my A-level options. I'm really glad that I did choose it, as I've enjoyed studying various texts and exploring alternative readings. Also, being able to tailor coursework to my liking has been extremely refreshing. English Literature relates so well to my other subjects and I'm able to use information from History and Psychology to support my arguments.

I chose A-Level English Literature because I really enjoyed English at GCSE, the texts at A-Level are interesting and also varied from poetry to novels. I love the variety of texts as each lesson there is something new to learn.

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