Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Sixth Form - Geography

Key Information

Level: A Level
Examination Board: AQA
Subject Leader: Mr McGarry

Entry Requirements

Students will need to have achieved a grade 6 or above in Geography. It is also preferable that students have achieved a grade 6 in English.

Why Choose this course?

Geography gives us a different view and different way of looking at the ever changing world in which we live. It encompasses a wide range topics both physical and human and touches on many contemporary themes and issues which affect our world today. It is a multi-faceted subject with a wide range of skills which are developed. The subject is highly regarded by Universities and Employers because of these analytical skills which are transferrable to many different subjects and jobs.


Geography provides students with a well-rounded skillset which is attractive to a lot of potential employers. There are geographical-related careers which involve a strong understanding of the environment, for example, environmental managers, town and country planners, environmental lawyers and much more.

However, Geographer enter the world of work with an extensive set of skills which are important for a range of employers outside of the environmental sphere. Geographers develop skills in analysis, evaluation and decision-making which are sought-after characteristics in leadership and management amongst other desirable careers.

Geography also complements a range of other subjects including, English, Maths, Science, Business and History.

Course Content

A-level Geography comprises of three key strands; physical geography, human geography and a geographical fieldwork investigation (NEA).

Physical Geography:
The Water and Carbon Cycles
Coastal Systems and Landscapes

Human Geography:
Global Systems and Global Governance
Changing Places
Contemporary Urban Environments

Geography Fieldwork Investigation:
Geography students complete a minimum of four days fieldwork and will use their geographical fieldwork skills to complete their own geographical investigation. Students have the opportunity to choose an area of the subject they are most interested in, which gives students freedom to explore their local environment.

Course Opportunities/ Activities

Geography at Broughton Hall Catholic High School opens up a whole range of enriching activities to participate in. As part of the course, you will undertake a minimum of four days of fieldwork experience. Students also complete their NEA which is an engaging project in which students can focus on an area of their personal interest and complete their own investigation. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare students for university study. In addition, revision sessions are provided to support students in their acquisition of geographical knowledge.

Support and Challenge

The course is sequenced to gradually help students build up a strong array of geographical skills. Students develop a powerful knowledge in the subject and as the course progresses students are challenged with more synoptic based questions. Our most-able students are supported through extra reading and model answers to demonstrate how they can access the highest marks. Intervention takes place in geography through additional revision to help students to achieve the highest grade possible.

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