Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Sixth Form - Photography

Key Information

Level: A Level
Examination Board: AQA
Subject Leader: Ms Lees

Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade 5 - Photography

Why Choose this course?

Photography develops a wide range of skills, analytical and critical thinking and problem solving, which will be useful at University and future careers. Photography may offer a highly creative and hands-on alternative to other subjects you may be studying at A level.


Photography is an exciting medium that can be used in many different ways. Careers in photography include: Art careers, Advertising, Commercial work, Editorial, Fashion, Film, Food, Forensic, Industrial, Architectural, Ariel, Portraiture and Wedding photography, Sports and Travel etc. Photographs are visible everywhere because we love the photographic representation of our world and ourselves and therefore there is a huge market for photographic work. Magazines and Newspapers show Advertising and Editorial photographic work. Billboards and hoardings show mainly Fashion and Advertising photography.

In the film industry the 'Director of Photography' may operate Lighting or Camera and they have control over the aesthetic or 'look of the film'. Photographers are employed to take 'Stills' in films and also photographic documentation for 'Continuity'. Artists use photography in vast ways to show conceptual thinking, these photographs are found in galleries, books, magazines and on the internet. Photographs can be used on the web or as beautiful printed objects.

Course Content

Year 12 Sept - April
Development of technical skills and contextual knowledge to meet the requirements of A level.
Project 1 - Framing
Project 2 - Students choose out of three possible themes

Year 13 - April - May
The A level coursework will be started March/April
Personal Investigation - 60% of final mark

Externally set task - 40% of final mark.
Paper is given to students at the beginning of February 2023 and preparation is until May

Practical exam is 15 hours (split over 3 days) in April of Y13.

Course Opportunities/ Activities

We are ideally placed and lucky to have access to a vast amount of top quality museums and art gallery's that support your study. We regularly run trips to local and national museums and art galleries in London, Manchester and Liverpool.

Support and Challenge

Students are supported by our open door policy which allows students to work in the department during their free periods. One to one tutorial, focused feedback with task lists and the support of our technical staff ensure that all students are supported to achieve their potential.

We challenge students to excel and have high expectations by ensuring that the wealth of industrial experience that our teachers have, in jobs prior to teaching is shared with the students. In addition we are in contact with past students now working in creative industry or currently studying art and design subjects at university who regularly come back to the department to share their experiences

Student Comment

"Photography is an excellent choice for A-Level as you have the opportunity and support to experiment and produce the best outcome possible both academically and creatively." (Year 13 Photography).

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