Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Sixth Form - Politics

Key Information

Level: A Level
Examination Board: Edexcel
Subject Leader: Miss Bennett

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in English Language or Literature.

Why Choose this course?

It is not necessary to have studied Politics at GCSE to undertake this A Level course. What is necessary is a lively, enquiring mind and willingness to work hard. It would suit students who enjoy reading, note making and essay writing, but it also involves plenty of lively discussion and debate.

Students are encouraged to use a wide range of media to enhance their political knowledge and awareness. Above all, it is an 'alive', interesting subject which deals with topics and issues that receive daily coverage in all sections of the media. Visits to A Level lectures in Manchester and London are arranged whenever appropriate.


The skills which are developed are useful in Law, Management, Banking, Social Work, Civil Service, Local Government, Teaching, Journalism and Television.

Course Content

PAPER 1: UK Politics Section A: Political Participation:
Democracy and Participation
Political Parties
Electoral Systems
Voting Behaviour and the Media

Section B: Core Political Ideas Conservatism - Liberalism - Socialism

2 hour exam - 2 x 30 mark + 1 x 24 mark

PAPER 2: UK Government
Section A: UK Government
The Constitution
Prime Minister and the Executive
Relationships between these branches

Section B - Optional Political Ideas One of: Anarchism / Ecologism / Feminism / Multiculturalism / Nationalism

2 hour exam - 2 x 30 mark + 1 x 24 mark

PAPER 3: Comparative Politics-USA
The US Constitution and federalism US Congress US Presidency US Supreme Court Democracy and participation Civil rights

2 hour exam - 1 x 12 mark + 1 x 12 mark + 2 x 30 mark

Course Opportunities/ Activities

Our students have had the opportunity to attend lectures within the wider Liverpool area, given by examiners from the board, as well as experts in UK and US Politics. The session concluded with a workshop which addressed common mistakes made by students in examinations, as well as advice on writing A* and A grade essays.

Matthew Hill, an expert in US Politics and International Relations from Liverpool John Moores University visited Broughton Hall to share his knowledge on Trump's Presidency. Year 12 and 13 Politics students are visiting the University for a series of seminars in Spring, 2022.

Support and Challenge

Students are given the skills and confidence they need to be successful through initial support, recognising that this is a new subject for all students. We use writing frames/scaffolding to support initial exam-style work. Model answers are given, as marked by examiners, and we identify what a good Politics essay looks like. Regular exam-style questions are set, so that students become familiar with the style and standards required. Personalised, detailed feedback is given and students reflect and improve their answers.

Students requiring extra support may be invited to work with G Aster in the study. Similarly, intervention and supported revision is offered during students' study sessions and after school.

Student Comment

Government and Politics is undoubtedly one of the most interesting subjects you can study at 6th Form. You cover a wide range of topics stretching from the inner workings of government, the extent to which we have rights in the UK, what factors allow parties to win general elections, how the US political system works and much more. If you are in any way interested in the political world, both past and present, this subject is definitely for you. It will give you invaluable insight into all aspects of government and politics as well as equipping you with multiple skills. These include debating skills, confidence in conveying your input, critical thinking and far more; all of which will help you in your other subjects, university and future careers.

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