Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Sixth Form - Psychology

Key Information

Level: LEVEL 3
Examination Board: AQA
Subject Leader: Mrs Wilkinson

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE English Language, Maths and Science.

Why Choose this course?

Psychology is a popular subject as it allows students to critically consider why people behave the way they do. Psychology enables students to develop a range of valuable skills, from developing balanced arguments to thinking creatively and researching effectively. Students who study psychology are highly regarded by universities, apprenticeship programmes and employers because of these skills and the insight students gain about human behaviour.

The two year course provides an engaging and stimulating introduction to the study of psychology. Psychology is a Science and students are reminded that they will need to develop a wide range of subject specific terminology, use the scientific method in designing studies and in evaluating Psychological research. You will also learn to be able to carry out statistical analysis of data.


Psychology allows you to gain a qualification that Higher Education and employers value. If you are looking to go onto study at degree level you can take a British Psychological Psychology approved degree.

This could lead into a specialist professional qualification as a Clinical, Forensic, educational or organisational psychologist. Psychology provides insight into learning, education, business and advertising and is welcomed for those who want to pursue careers in health and/or social care and the police force.

Course Content

Year 12
Introductory Topics

Social Influence

Psychology in context
Approaches to psychology
Research Methods

Year 13
Issues and Options in Psychology

The Psychological Approaches
Statistical Analysis of Data
Issues and Debates in Psychology
Forensics or Aggression

Final assessment:
3 Papers (2x hours each)
Total 96 marks each paper.

Course Opportunities/ Activities

Students will be able to attend the annual psychology lecture series. This consists of talks and workshops from a variety of professionals with stories and experiences within the field of psychology. Previous series subjects included research on identical twins, a forensics expert working in criminal profiling and virtual tour of the psychology department at the University of Liverpool. Students will also develop, carry out and present their own piece of psychological research during the summer term. An out of school visit to a psychology-related event is also being planned in conjunction with Cardinal Heenan's Psychology department.

Support and Challenge

All psychology students are given topic booklets, past papers, and access to an online textbook which includes additional revision and extension activities. After school revision sessions and one-to-one support are provided throughout the course. Every half term, all students are given a calendar of activities, revision, and extension opportunities for each week.

This allows them to organise their time and prioritise the work they should be focusing on. The extension opportunities give students the opportunity to look beyond the specification by investigating contemporary research and applying psychological concepts to current events. Relevant podcasts, books, journal articles, films and television programmes are recommended and referred to in every unit. Previous students have been supported with successful applications to university courses in clinical psychology, criminology, forensic psychology, law, sports science, and policing studies.

Student Comment

I would recommend psychology as it helps you to enhance your scientific knowledge and skills such as extended essay writing, critical evaluation and research. The topics covered are interesting and keep you engaged.

A level psychology allows you to understand yourself and other people's behaviour better. This allows you to enhance your communication skills by having a greater understanding of others.

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