Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Sixth Form - Spanish

Key Information

Level: A Level
Examination Board: Edexcel
Subject Leader: Mrs Lockett

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 at GCSE although a Grade 6 may be acceptable with teacher recommendation and completion of transition tasks to a high standard.

Why Choose this course?

What can I do with Languages?
The range of university and job opportunities is endless. People who can offer expertise in Science, ICT and Business Studies along with competence in one or more foreign languages are very much in demand these days. The study of foreign languages will make you more marketable to potential employers, especially if you have the experience of living and working abroad. The unemployment rate is lower amongst Modern Language graduates than for most other groups.


There are many university degree courses which include a foreign language. Some of these courses may seem unusual, but many employers are looking for personnel with the necessary skills to seize business opportunities abroad. Studying Modern Languages will certainly improve your higher education and employment prospects. Doing an A Level in a foreign language also helps to prepare you for taking up new and more unusual languages at university.

Course Content

Year 12
Students will study the topics of changing family structures, the impact of tourism, the world of work, music, media, festivals and traditions. In addition, they will study either a film or literary text in Spanish.

Year 13
Students will study the Y12 topics and integration and multi culturalism, historical and contemporary immigration, the Franco dictatorship and from dictatorship to democracy. In addition, they will study a second literary text or film. All students are strongly recommended to visit Spain during their A Level course to practise and extend their language. A number of students have benefited from a work placement in Spain. Students will also have the opportunity to attend lectures and performances and open days at local universities, when available.

Course Opportunities/ Activities

A level Spanish is an academic subject and sits well alongside a wide variety of subjects. Universities offer a vast array of courses with a foreign language element. At A level we like to take students out to experience life beyond Broughton Hall and attend workshops when available at universities and organisations eg Manchester Metropolitan and the Cervantes Institute. Online seminars help pupils to engage and focus on specific aspects of the course. Small group speaking sessions take place once a week with a Spanish assistant or a member of the department.

Support and Challenge

Teachers are on hand to support pupils and lessons outside the curriculum are available upon request. Students will be supported to build independence in their language studies through regular research tasks to further their knowledge and understanding of Spanish speaking cultures and societies. Students are encouraged to read beyond the curriculum content and immerse themselves in the culture through TV, news reports, radio programmes and social media. We study Spanish literature and film and make available works of the chosen director and author so that pupils have a greater appreciation of the wider genres.

Student Comment

A level Spanish not only develops your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills but it helps you to understand the English language better. It gives you a wide range of opportunities which increase your employability chances, further helping with communication skills and allowing you to work independently. Spanish A level is a continuation of GCSE with new aspects of grammar and in Year 13 you study Spanish literature such as La Casa de Bernarda Alba and films such as Volver. These are really interesting to learn about and allow you to use your analytical skills. You learn a lot about the culture and the Hispanic world. Spanish A level is a challenging subject but is definitely worth doing as it offers you a wide variety of knowledge and keeps all doors open for you.

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