Our Aims

All members of our department are subject specialists and are passionate about maths. Maths is an important subject and is used on a daily basis. We constantly strive to instil our passion for maths through our teaching to give our pupils the skills they need to succeed in everyday life.

A solid understanding of maths is highly regarded by universities and employers alike. We are enthusiastic about inspiring our pupils to achieve their full potential in maths and encourage them to continue studying maths at a higher level.

Key Stage 3

All pupils are placed in sets on arrival in year 7, either from 1 to 4 or 1 to 5 depending upon the pupil numbers within the year group. Pupils will have 3 lessons per week. During these lessons pupils will begin to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills which are needed for GCSE. The topics covered will be under the main headings of Number, Algebra, Statistics and Geometry.

Key Stage 4

In years 9, 10 and 11 pupils will study GCSE mathematics at either Higher or Foundation level depending upon individual progress. Pupils will follow the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics course and take 3 examinations at the end of year 11, forming 100% of the course.

During KS4 pupils will continue to build on their knowledge of Number, Algebra, Statistics and Geometry and also have a more in depth focus on problem solving within these topics.

Key Stage 5

Mathematics is offered to pupils at A Level, it is advised that pupils achieve a minimum grade of a 7 to ensure they are successful at A Level. Students will have 5 maths lessons a week and be taught by two teachers. We follow the Edexcel specification and pupils follow Pure Maths, Statistics and Mechanics in both years.

Another course that is offered at KS5 is Core Maths. This course is suitable for pupils who have achieved a grade 5 or higher at GCSE and want to continue with maths at a higher level without doing the full A Level maths. This course is designed to help pupils with applied maths and can be useful for pupils who are studying Psychology, Geography, Science and Business.

The course is the equivalent of doing an AS Level over two years, Pupils will follow the AQA specification and will sit two papers at the end of the two years to form 100% of the course.

    Modules that are covered throughout this course are:
  • Analysis of data
  • Personal Finance
  • Modelling and Estimation
  • The normal distribution
  • Confidence intervals
  • Correlation and regression

Pupils who have not achieved a grade 4 at GCSE are required to resit their GCSE in years 12 and 13 until a grade 4 is achieved. Pupils will have three maths lessons timetabled each week for this course.

Extra Support

Intervention support is provided across all years from 7 to 13. The maths staff also run less informal sessions during lunchtime and after school for all year groups to help develop pupils understanding in maths and to offer extra support.

For more information please contact Mrs Connolly on 0151 541 9440.

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