Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Punctuality

Lost minutes = lost learning


There is a clear link between attendance and punctuality and academic achievement. The more time your daughter spends in school the more likely she is to improve her opportunity to fulfil her full potential.

How parents and carers can help:
  • Ensure your child is at school and ready to learn before 8.35am each day
  • Students should meet their tutor at their line up point between by 8.40am ready for registration which begins at 8.45am
  • Make sure school bags are packed the night before and that your child gets up with plenty of time to eat and get ready.

Being late doesn't only affect your daughter, it disrupts other children in the class as well as the teachers trying to teach a lesson. However, if you do think you are going to be late, please do not keep your child off school for the rest of the day. Being late and in school is better than being absent and missing out. If your child is late for a genuine, unavoidable reason please phone the school office.

Punctuality to lessons is also extremely important. The start of a lesson is when important recall activities take place to ensure learning gaps are filled. Students who are late throughout the day will make up their lost time over lunch and after school.

The Law

If a pupil arrives late to school but whilst the register is still open, they are marked as late (L on the attendance register). We believe that teaching students, the vital skill of reliability is important for them to achieve their full potential in school but also to support them for the wider world where punctuality is very important for employers and further education settings.

If a pupil arrives at school after the register has closed, without a satisfactory reason, this may be classed as an unauthorised absence (O code on the attendance register) and may lead to prosecution for not ensuring your child has regular school attendance.

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