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Eyes of the World

Eyes of the World

By personal invitation of CAFOD, on Tuesday 14th September, a group of Year 8 pupils from Broughton Hall represented Liverpool secondary schools at the 'Eyes of the World' event at the Pier Head.

Here, pupils met CAFOD's banner, which is on a journey from Cornwall to arrive in Glasgow for November's COP 26 summit on climate change. The banner reminds world leaders who will be in attendance that the "eyes of the world" are watching and expecting decisive action.

Lay Chaplain, Geraldine Roberts-Stone, commented: "This example of faith in action ties in with our Collective Worship this week, focusing on 'Season of Creation.' During this month, Pope Francis urges us to consider our relationship with God, our brothers and sisters both near and far, and the Earth itself. The Pope sees young people as leading the way in promoting action for climate change as it is their future that is at risk.

Through previous fundraising activities with CAFOD, the pupils attending today are aware of the effect that climate change has on the poorest people in our world. Ironically, these people have had the least to do with creating the problem."

Eyes of the World Eyes of the World Eyes of the World Eyes of the World
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