Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Liverpool Readathon

Liverpool Readathon

Liverpool Readathon

Broughton Hall are taking part in the Liverpool Readathon from Monday 28th February-March 11th. Instead of completing Maths4Life before lesson 5, students are kindly asked to bring in a book to read which they will read over the two-week period.

Please encourage extra reading at home during this particular fortnight as each form group will submit a collective totalled number of minutes read at the end of the two weeks!! Our target is 250,000 minutes of reading, contributing to the collective city target of 2 million minutes read by Liverpool Schools.

We hope to see Broughton score highly and hope students make use of this calming period to enjoy a book they are reading.

If students forget to bring a book, there will be some photocopied short stories they can read, but we kindly encourage them to bring their own (and enjoy!).

Many thanks for your continued support - please check our live Broughton Hall Reading tracker to see how we are getting on!

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