Broughton Hall Catholic High School - Shine Award

Shine Award

Shine Award

Year 8 are participating in 'Shine Award'. Pupils are helping each other to learn, 'shine' and reach their potential through a variety of challenges over the year with lots of rewards!

The current part of the challenge is competing in the 'Vocab Challenge' pupils aimed for the prize of a 'Domino's Pizza Party' with their form. Congratulations to HWA the winners of the first challenge.

Our next challenge is The Rainforest draw it/make it/bake it project. You can make your rainforest project any way you like be creative - it's your time to shine! The project will be due on Thursday 25th November - but you may bring it in before then. Those who enter will get to take part in the Zoo Lab handling rainforest animals in school. The best 50 will be invited to Hollywood bowl!

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